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Al Brooge Securities, which supervised by Securities & Commodities Authority license no. 604054, has fulfilled the requirements of the online trading service as per the decree no. 67 that was issued by the Securities & commodities Authority.

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About US

AL Brooge Securities is a national company with a registered office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and holds a license duly issued by the stocks and commodities organization and operates in the UAE local markets (Abu Dhabi stock market and Dubai stock market). The company has three dealing rooms, a VIP dealing room, a ladies dealing room and a public dealing room, and is considered the largest dealing room in Abu Dhabi emirate. All of the three dealing rooms are equipped with technically developed LCD screens with high resolution providing clear visibility to stock dealers in addition to a large number of high speed computer systems.

The company provides E-trading service to the local markets (Abu Dhabi stock market and Dubai financial stock market), whereby orders are operated by dealers electronically through internet by having access to Al Brooge website. The Company also provides direct brokerage services where sell and buy orders are made through telephone.

In addition, the company also provides Islamic stock dealing service and it is fully governed by Islamic Shari'a rules. This service has been introduced for dealers who prefer to maintain their dealings, accounts and portfolios separately.

For the convenience of dealers inside the centre, the company has provided a mosque for prayers. The wide range of varied services and activities has been provided by the company with the aim of creating a favorable climate for al levels and classes of investors.