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Al Brooge Securities, which supervised by Securities & Commodities Authority license no. 604054, has fulfilled the requirements of the online trading service as per the decree no. 67 that was issued by the Securities & commodities Authority.

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Activity: Financial brokerage for shares and bonds.


  • We have the largest exchange hall outside Abu Dhabi and Dubai financial markets equipped with the latest technology used in this field, with unique performance of display screens.
  • A separate VIP Hall.
  • We have a group of highly qualified and experienced human cadres.
  • A special section for Islamic Shares transactions
  • We have a special highly private exchange hall for ladies, equipped with 2 large screens for each of Abu Dhabi and Dubai financial markets.
  • We have a direct brokerage center, through which direct sale and purchase transactions are conducted by means of direct telephone lines.
  • The service of issuing an investor's number for Dubai Financial Market within a very short period of time, and completing full transfer procedures between Dubai Financial Market clearance and the broker.
  • The service of sending short messages (SMS) in addition to E-mails and Faxes to all daily exchange movements directly after completion of exchanges.

All the above qualifies our company to occupy the lead position among its counterpart financial brokerage companies.